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I'm thankful for the New Year, it is wonderful to have a fresh start and feel energized to make things happen and change things up. Last year I followed along with Lara Casey's Goal Setting series and did the same thing this year. It really is good for me to look back at the past year, taking note of things that worked and things that didn't, and getting a vision for how I want my year to look like. The quote "She decided to start living the life she imagined" really resonates with me, for me this is about forming daily habits of things that are important to me, like feeding myself with God's Word, being creative, exercising, reading, and more.

The past year 2 Samuel 23: 3-4 and Proverbs 4:18 were really on my heart, they talk about how a righteous person is like morning light, I love that imagery! I'm so thankful that Jesus has washed me and made me clean, allowing His beautiful light to shine. This year I want to live, work, hope, walk, learn, and rest in that light! 

*Pictures from my Pinterest board Making Things Happen in 2014.


Gathering Supplies

I can't believe we are already halfway through October, time just flies by! I have been gathering supplies - embellishments mostly. Deciding what paper to use is probably my most challenging decision, but one I need to make! I'm finding the quality of papers and envelopes from the most obvious places, craft and office stores, are not great, but actually look and feel quite cheap...totally not what I want.

Image note: My dad has been cleaning out the garage and found a stack of these beautiful drawers. They are perfect for organizing my supplies, I love putting old things to use! I'm stuck on whether to paint them, or not? They are a lovely oak, but a bit banged up. I also really like the hunter green felt they are lined with, however it is in bad condition too! Oh, what to do?!


Figuring Out Packaging

One thing that scares me about selling paper products is that they could get beat up during shipping. I've been collecting and cutting up pieces of corrugated cardboard, I'm hoping that a note card in-between two pieces is enough to safely get it from me to the buyer. I want to use recycled cardboard, but I think it is possible make the boring brown cardboard look pretty - I'm on a mission to figure this out!


Progress: The Logo

The past couple of days I've been working on the shop logo. I really want to write it in my own calligraphy, I think it would be so much more personable than an online font! The problem? It is seemingly impossible to get every letter perfectly shaped. I'll keep trying, looking forward to the final product!

In the mean time, if you are working on a logo for yourself, check out this inspiring logo design guide - hipster style!


First Things First {Being Purposeful}

I think the first thing to work through and clarify for myself is the "why" behind the paper shop. Once I have the business vision it will be much easier to stay purposeful throughout the whole process. My favorite high school course was Business Management (no surprise there?), I learned that great managers and leaders truly believe in the business' vision - I love action fueled by purpose.

I read a quote that was tweeted awhile ago about millennials: "Millennials love traditions, and things that can be passed down and treasured as heirlooms." I think this shows that we crave a physical connection to loved ones. In this technological age we get caught up in the race of being efficient with our time and energy. Sending an email vs. the thought of pulling out a note card, hand writing, then mailing it just takes up so. much. time! Personally, when I take the time to give a handwritten note (or when I'm on the receiving end of one) it feels so much more refreshing. It is refreshing because we get that tangible connection, you can hold the love from that person in your hand!

In my desire to be transparent here on the blog, I'm going to be honest; for me the idea of paying 7 + dollars on a mass produced card to say hello, thank you, or happy birthday, is fine because I know from experience that the receiving of tangible love is worth something money can't buy, but doesn't a cute, handmade card just take it to the next level?! I have always enjoyed making my handmade cards to give to loved ones from myself and to give to others who need cards for there loved ones. This is the "why" behind the shop and each design I will create for it - I truly love making pretty cards and stationary because I know what a  rare, yet special tool they are in connecting people.  

Images: Top - A stack of sweet letters and cards from friends and family to me that I've collected over the years; bottom - the fall sun light glittering my moms asparagus plants.