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I'm thankful for the New Year, it is wonderful to have a fresh start and feel energized to make things happen and change things up. Last year I followed along with Lara Casey's Goal Setting series and did the same thing this year. It really is good for me to look back at the past year, taking note of things that worked and things that didn't, and getting a vision for how I want my year to look like. The quote "She decided to start living the life she imagined" really resonates with me, for me this is about forming daily habits of things that are important to me, like feeding myself with God's Word, being creative, exercising, reading, and more.

The past year 2 Samuel 23: 3-4 and Proverbs 4:18 were really on my heart, they talk about how a righteous person is like morning light, I love that imagery! I'm so thankful that Jesus has washed me and made me clean, allowing His beautiful light to shine. This year I want to live, work, hope, walk, learn, and rest in that light! 

*Pictures from my Pinterest board Making Things Happen in 2014.


Have Peace & Take Heart {An Update}

Hello friends! Today I'm sharing just a short, personal update (some of you won't care, but I always enjoy reading about the people behind the blogs I read!).

Last year, while I was finishing up high school I was kind of hit by the fact that this period of my life was almost over. I needed to start making some grown up decisions fast. Yikes! I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to study. I've always loved art and enjoyed learning about business (I read nerdy books on business, entrepreneurship, and finance for fun!). I had been thinking of heading into the hospitality field for so long, but there wasn't enough of the creative side that I wanted. Some of my favorite creatives, bloggers, and artists studied graphic design. Looking at design programs I realized that every course I would enjoy. I had already been dabbling in teaching myself graphic design skills! So that is where I am headed now.

This semester I am working on putting together my portfolio (if you have tips I would so appreciate them) and working at a not at all glamorous job. I've been told many times by different people that the school I would most like to go to is very competitive. There are a lot of applicants, but only a few seats and to be honest, this scares me. What if I don't get in? Will I attend a school that I'm not totally happy with the program, cost, or location? Worse, what if I don't get accepted anywhere? Will I spend another year in this "transitional" phase? I am constantly needing to remind myself to "have peace and take heart" (John 16:33). I need to stay present and not get caught up in worry about the future, God already has it planned out!

A couple things I've read recently that have encouraged me :
As you go through whatever season you are in friends, have peace and take heart.


DIY Beaded Medallion Bracelet

Hi everyone! Remember a couple weeks ago I said I wanted to post on a more regular schedule? Yep, that so did not happen! Life got busy (maybe I'll share a little personal update later). I am still on my jewelry making kick, so today I have a pretty beaded medallion bracelet tutorial for you.

You will need: Some circles cut from felt (I put them in fabric stiffener, but after doing it I didn't think it was necessary), beads of different sizes, chain, thread, and a needle.


Double DIY: Linen Pin Board + Chevron Wall Art

Hey everyone! Quite a few months ago I made the above pin board inspired by Restoration Hardware ones.  I really liked their look of the white frame against gray linen and wanted to recreate one for myself! I did and it was simple and easy, so I thought I would share the three steps with you!

Pin Board How To:

Step 1:  Find a large frame for your pin board. Sand the frame down and paint it with two white wash coats. Make the white wash by doing a mixture of half paint and half water.

Step 2: Cut a piece of cork board to fit inside your frame. Next cut a piece of linen and wrap it around the board. Staple the linen to the cork.

Step 3: Lastly, position the fabric covered cork into the frame and secure it into place.

DIY Wall Art

Back in November 2011 I created a tutorial for creating a chevron patterned painting. I'm pretty sure it has been my most popular post. I guess you all thought it was something you could easily do yourself as 80+ of you left kind comments and, just recently, HGTV featured it on their blog Design Happens. I loved it too! It was a fun project, but after living with it for three years I was ready for some fresh art! So I did another one using colors I've been obsessed with for forever, purple and navy blue all the way people (I'm not sure why I used orange as I've never really been a fan!).

Step 1: Create a pattern using masking tape on canvas.

Step 2: Use acrylic paints to dab and brush your colors of choice onto the canvas, covering everywhere.

Step 3: I like a little gold sparkle, so after painting I took it outside to give it a light splatter-spray of gold spray paint in certain areas.

Step 4: When dry, carefully peel the masking tape off to reveal the clean white spaces.

For further instructions and photos check out the original tutorial here.


Color File No. 1 {Raspberry Vanilla Swirl}

Welcome to my new blog series The Color Files! Every once in a while I'll be sharing a color scheme inspired by, well, basically anything that catches my eye! I'm calling the series "The Color Files" because each post will be filed away in my blog for future creative color inspiration (crafts, design projects, decorating, etc.) for me and you.

The first installment I'm calling Raspberry Vanilla Swirl. I noticed how pretty my creams, whites, light pinks, and peach ribbons looked together and wanted to create a floral arrangement inspired by them, so outside I went in search of some pretty flowers! In my mom's garden she had some pink flowers that, when I added to the creams and whites, reminded me of the raspberry and white chocolate ice cream I had on the weekend (I wish I had a picture to show you so I could make you drool!). :)  I also made a note card with the same color combination.

Get The Look

Layer different textures in similar tones against each other: I used ribbon, twine, card stock, washi tape, and glitter in whites, creams, and pinks. 

Have a fabulous weekend friends!